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03.18.17 BIG NEWS! BKCL teams set a new record at Maryland State Competitiion

BKCL teams set a new record for our program yesterday at the MD Elementary Chess Championships. In 2015 our teams won 5 team trophies, in 2016 they won 6 team trophies and yesterday they captured 8 team trophies. But this is not the most exciting news. The traditional BKCL chess powerhouse teams (Cross Country, Roland Park, Baltimore Montessori, Mt. Washington, Green School) won 7 of these trophies. The most exciting news is about the 8th trophy -
It was earned by Highlandtown EMS #237. This school just started a chess team last season and won our 2016 BKCL citywide elementary championship last May (see attached photo). We encouraged the two coaches (Kimberly and Anne were honored as our Rookies of the Year at the Brain Builders Banquet last May)  to take their kids to a rated USCF tournament this year. Didn't know they would wait until States - the biggest and most contested tournament of the year. The tournament yesterday was the first rated tournament for Highlandtown ever and they were in the largest section with 25 teams and 130 players from public and private schools across the state. Cross Country took 9th in this section, Mt. Washington took 8th and the Green School took 5th. Highlandtown took second place in this most competitive section. Finishing second in the States in your first rated tournament is just an amazing accomplishment because almost every other team in had rated players that have played at States before.

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