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4/18/2010 BIG NEWS: Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Wins National Championship Title!!

BCPS teams traveled to Columbus Ohio to attend the National Chess Championships on 4/15 through 4/18/10.

Baltimore Polytechinic Institue high school team won the national championship in the unrated section, a first for a BCPS school team.

Cross Country Middle School team tied for 4th place in the nation in their Division. Devon Campbell, a 7th grader at Cross Country, took 9th place out of 380 students in the U1200 section.

More details to follow, but congratulations to the students, coaches, and parents! 

03/20/2010 BCPS Middle School Teams Sweep the Maryland Scholastic Chess Championships in Hagerstown!!

Over 350 players from across the state traveled to the Hagerstown Convention Center this weekend to compete in the 2010 Maryland Scholastic Chess Championships.  BCPS middle school teams swept to victory in both the varsity and junior varsity divisions. In junior varsity division Woodhome EMS # 205 took the championship with Cross Country EMS # 247 in second. In the varsity division Cross Country EMS # 247 took the state title with Pimlico EMS # 223 in second place. This is the first varsity state chess championship title ever for a BCPS schoolThis victory has been in the making since the Baltimore Kids Chess League began in 2004 - all of the players involved in winning this championship have been a part of the program for at least four years (see attached photo of varsity champions).
In the elementary division Baltimore Montessori PCS # 336 took third place in the novice division while Cross Country EMS # 247 took fourth place in the junior varsity. In the high school division Baltimore Polytechnic # 403 grabbed the third place trophy. Congratulations to all of the coaches, principals and parents who have supported their students and made this outstanding result possible (see attached photo of JV champions).
Cross Country and Pimlico will be traveling to Columbus, Ohio  April 15-18 to compete at the National K-12 Chess Championships and the National Girls Chess Championships.

3/06/2010 BCPS 1-2-3 at Maryland State Team Championship!

Players from the Baltimore Kids Chess League posted great results at the Maryland Scholastic Team Chess Championships held on Saturday at Dumbarton Middle School.  At this event players compete in teams of four with no individual trophies given. In the Junior Varsity Middle School Division BKCL teams finished 1-2-3 out of 13 teams from across the state. Cross Country E/M #247 edged Woodhome E/M #205 by one half point with Booker T. Washington Middle #130 taking third. Karon Carter from Cross Country was perfect playing on board #1 going 4-0.  
In the Varsity Middle School Division Cross Country finished second in the state behind Takoma Park of Montgomery County. In the Elementary Junior Varsity Steuart Hill ES # 4 took sixth place while Cross Country took sixth place in the Elementary Varsity division. Baltimore Polytechnic # 403 finished fourth in the High School division.
Congratulations to Cross Country Coach Daniel Katz and Principal Matthew Riley!!!
BKCL players next head to Hagerstown on March 20-21 for the 2010 MD Scholastic Chess Championships.
Steve Alpern, Commissioner
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