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General Information About BKCL Tournaments

BKCL hosts novice tournaments, events geared toward the new chess player to give her the experience of playing in a friendly, yet competitive environment. Students who have won either a BKCL or United States Chess Federation (UCSF) rated tournament are ineligible, as are those students who have a USCF rating > 200. In the 2008-09 academic year, BKCL will add tournaments for the more advanced player who attends BCPSS elementary, middle or high schools enrolled in the Baltimore City Chess Project.

Students who wish to register for BKCL tournaments should do so through their school's chess coach. To obtain contact information for BCPSS chess coaches, click on "Volunteer" on the top bar.

BKCL tournaments usually start at 9 am and finish by 1 pm. Each tournament generally consists of four rounds, lasting up to 30 minute each. Every student plays in all four rounds. With each subsequent round, students are paired against similarly skilled players. When a chess game is complete, players raise their hands and a referee evaluates the game to record the winner. Players then set up their chess boards and return to their team's waiting area until the next round begins.

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