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Our Partners

Abell Foundation
The Abell Foundation has generously provided grant support each year that we use each year cover the costs of our program, which include tournaments, chess equipment, facilities'  fees, coach stipends, and travel costs.

Baltimore City Public School System (BCPSS)
BCPSS school board and leadership have supported the growth of our program by recognizing the achievement of our schools and students at annual Board meetings and promoting our events through its internal publications. 

Center for Talented Youth, Johns Hopkins University (CTY)
CTY has been a generous partner over the years. In addition to hostiing a meeting for our coaches training session, it sponsors our annual citywide elementary school championship each Spring at the beautiful Glass Pavilion at the Johns Hopkins University. CTY provides refreshments and parking for all of our participants.

Community Volunteers
We are grateful to the numerous volunteers, ranging from 15 to 80 years old, who have helped support our tournament activities by serving as referees, registrars, and refreshment vendors. 

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