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Our Organization

A Brief History

Back in 2001, few organized opportunities for scholastic chess existed within Baltimore City, despite being in such close proximity to the University of Maryland in Baltimore County (UMBC), home to one of the top college chess teams in the country. After researching successful scholastic chess programs in major urban centers across the United States and meeting with educators throughout Baltimore City, the Baltimore Kids Chess League was born. With enthusiastic support from the Abell Foundation, in 2003 we launched the Baltimore City Elementary School Chess Project and recruited Mr. Steve Alpern from the School system to serve as its director.

From its inception, the Chess Project has been a success. In addition to the academic benefits of scholastic chess education, the creation of after-school chess activities fulfilled a need for more after-school activities for many students. Today, the Chess Project involves over 60 elementary schools and over 1000 students. As our elementary students from the past three years have moved into Middle Schools, the Project has grown this year to promote development of Middle School after-school chess clubs. (We now refer to it as the "Baltimore School Chess Project"). There is tremendous interest in developing a High School league in 2008-09 and we are actively seeking interested BCPSS schools.

There is no doubt that our organization and programs have steadily grown through strong community partnerships we have forged within Baltimore and beyond.

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